Friday, 26 March 2010

our spring table.

i have to confess that unlike some of you crafty people, we do not always have a season table. i could make lots of excuses but basically we dont. I love spring tho, it has to be my favourite season and i always do a "season table" at school when i am there. i put things like hot crossed buns and a palm cross on it as well as the usual chick and lamb. I always make a simnel cake and see if they can tell me what it is called and why there are marzipan balls on the top.

So anyway today we made our own little season table in the dining room. Emily loves it. We made an easter basket, some easter cards and a string with painted pasta.

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Scented Sweetpeas said...

wow for your first season table that is fab! i have never done one either but think i may do one soon as it seems like a lovely idea.